We stand alone as a provocative and unique coffee house and espresso drive thru concept. The mission of the brand is to tastefully tease with sensuality in barista uniform and exterior and interior design while passionately focusing on providing a consistently exceptional specialty coffee experience.

Foxy Lady ® has worked closely with our blue ribbon award winning Master Roaster in order to create our own unique blend and roast of gourmet espresso that delights the most distinctive tastes.  Foxy Lady will only buy its coffee beans from farmers who support sustainable agriculture.  Our coffee beans are fresh roasted daily, using only the highest quality Hand Picked, Organic, Arabica beans. We drum roast our beans to exact standards insuring a great espresso taste, less bitterness and a higher caffeine content. This “drum roasting” technique also lowers the acid content in the coffee and insures a much higher consistency in the roast and taste’s much better than other roasting techniques such as “Air Roasting” or as some call it, the “Pop Corn” method.

Foxy Lady Premium Roast White Coffee
Coffee bag

Foxy Lady ® has generated overwhelming National media coverage. To name just a few of the media who have covered Foxy Lady and the “Sexpresso Industry” are: Local News channels, ABC, CBS & NBC, many local radio stations, MSNBC, NBC Today Show, CBS Sunday Morning Show, Good Morning America, Nightline, National Associated Press, Playboy Magazine and hundreds of thousands of Internet blogs.