Welcome to Foxy Lady Coffee!

Serving Your Coffee Hot!

Delicious Coffee and Foxy Ladies!

We’re a unique coffee house and espresso drive thru concept that was establish in 2008, ‘Foxy Lady‘ was born and raised in Washington, we know coffee!   We are by no means your average ‘bikini barista establishment‘, with our awesome coffee and food, we prove you don’t need to trade entertainment and fun for quality. We love our customers and they love us!

Don't Let The Bikinis Fool You!

Foxy Lady ® has worked closely with our blue ribbon award winning Master Roaster In order to create our own unique blend and roast of gourmet espresso that delights the most distinctive tastes, Foxy Lady will only buy its coffee beans from farmers who support sustainable agriculture. Our coffee beans are fresh roasted daily, using only the highest quality Hand Picked, Organic, Arabica beans. We drum roast our beans to exact standards insuring a great espresso taste, less bitterness and a higher caffeine content.

This “drum roasting” technique also lowers the acid content in the coffee and insures a much higher consistency in the roast and taste’s much better than other roasting techniques such as “Air Roasting” or as some call it, the “Pop Corn” method.

Foxy Lady Latte

In a hurry? Come to one of our drive thru's and have a Foxy Lady make your coffee just the way you like it. We also have pastries, cookies, breakfast sandwiches and burritos!

The view is on us!

Foxy Lady Cafe

You want to kick back and relax? Try one of our cafes! We have Foxy Ladies, TV’s and a menu of food that will not only satisfy your hunger, but your taste buds, too 😉  And of course, we have all the coffee and energizers you need.
And don’t forget, the view is on us! 😉

Foxy Lady Bikini Bar

This is where we separate the men from the boys 😉  Pool tables, TV’s, plus everything that makes Foxy Lady a Foxy Lady establishment; great food, coffee and energizer. We have special events, we can do birthday parties, divorce parties (you’re free, you have to celebrate 😉

And you know it, the view is on us! 😉